The International Pectinid Workshop (IPW) has been a biennial event for marine researchers from all over the world since 1976. In the beginning the Pectinid Workshop was a small meeting that has grown in the last 40 years to gather more than 100 delegates from 30 countries around the world.

The IPW is attended by scientists, students and industry members from across the globe interested in pectinids. It remains a traditional conference with a single main hall and no parallel sessions. The main aim of the Workshop is to bring together researchers, industry professionals and students for networking and the dissemination of research and best practices. It has always been an important gathering for early stage researchers to communicate their work and meet established researchers from across the globe. With a relaxed social atmosphere, the workshop gives attendees the opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones. The themes of the conference reflect the main areas in which pectinid research is developing at present.

1st 1976 Baltimore, Ireland Dan Minchin
2nd 1978 Brest, France Jean Claude Dao
3rd 1980 Port Erin, Isle of Man Andrew Brand
4th 1983 Aberdeen, Scotland Jim Mason
5th 1985 La Coruña, Spain Guillermo Román
6th 1987 Menai Bridges, Wales Andy Beaumont
7th 1989 Portland, USA Sandra Shumway
8th 1991 Cherbourg, France Pierre Lubet
9th 1993 Nanaimo, Canada Neil Bourne
10th 1995 Cork, Ireland Gavin Burnell
11th 1997 La Paz, México Esteban Félix-Pico
12th 1999 Bergen, Norway Sissel Andersen/Thorolf Magnesen
13th 2001 Coquimbo, Chile Elizabeth von Brand/Juan Enrique Illanes
14th  2003 St. Petersburg, USA Norman Blake/Don Sweat
15th  2005 Mooloolaba, Australia Michael Dredge/Peter Duncan
16th 2007 Halifax, Canada Jay Parsons
17th 2009 Santiago de Compostela, Spain Luz Pérez-Parallé/José Luís Sánchez
18th  2011 Qingdao, China Guofan Zhang
19th  2013 Florianópolis, Brazil Guilherme S. Rupp
20th  2015 Galway, Ireland Julie Maguire/Ellen-Sofie Grefsrud
21st 2017 Portland, USA Kevin Stokesbury/Jay Parsons/Sandy Shumway
22nd 2019 Santiago de Compostela, Spain Luz Pèrez-Parallè/Antonio Pazos/ Josè Luís Sánchez