Draft Programme

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Book of Abstracts

Thursday 25th April: Fisheries Session

Item Start End Speaker Title
Housekeeping 09:30 09:35 Isobel Bloor Toilets, agenda, fire safety, lunch etc.
Welcome 09:30 09:45 Minister/Dr Haywood Isle of Man Ministerial Welcome to IPW 2024 and IoM
Opening of Conference 09:45 10:00 Andy Brand/Peter Duncan Welcome and Introduction to the IPW 2024
Fisheries Session 1: James Williams
Talk 1 10:00 10:20 Eric Foucher A marine rotational harvest area in the Bay of Seine (Eastern English Channel, France: effects on king scallop (Pecten maximus) population dynamics
Talk 2 10:20 10:40 Melissa Smith Rotational management of Maine’s state waters scallop fishery: a ten-year review
Talk 3 10:40 11:00 Connor Buckley Adapting to a New Paradigm: Atlantic Sea Scallop Management Under Climate Change
Coffee 11:00 11:20
Talk 4 11:20 11:40 Kevin Stokesbury The United States sea scallop resource: Its historic success and present decline
Talk 5 11:40 12:00 Jonathon Peros Bonanza and Bust: Management lessons from an extraordinary recruitment event
Talk 6 12:00 12:20 Mario Lasta The Patagonian scallop (Zygochlamys patagonia) fishery: 20 years of fishing in 20 minutes. Why didn’t it collapse
Talk 7 12:20 12:40 Juan Alberti The complete footprint of the Patagonian scallop bottom-trawl fishery on the Argentine shelf
Lunch 12:40 13:40
Fisheries Session 2: Kevin Stokesbury
Talk 7 13:40 14:00 Marcelo Kittlein Effects of resource spatial distribution and tow overlap in the accuracy and precision of common methods used to estimate dredge efficiency for bottom trawl.
Talk 8 14:00 14:30 Guillermo Martin Progress in high-resolution spatial-temporal data analysis for use in Scallop Fisheries Management
Talk9 14:20 14:40 Jessica Sameoto Spatial approaches to adapt to emerging challenges in fisheries management
Coffee 14:40 15:00
Talk 10 15:00 15:20 Skylar Bayer An analysis of reproduction and recruitment spatio-temporal dynamics of Iceland scallops in Breiðafjörður bay after a fishery collapse
Talk 11 15:20 15:40 Isobel Bloor Enhanced data collection and near real-time spatial monitoring of the Isle of Man scallop fishery
Talk 12 15:40 16:00 Lynda Blackadder ICES WGScallop: International collaboration for scallop science
Speedy scallops 1 16:00 16:10 James Williams NZ scallop AI: Developments in camera-based surveying and machine-learning detection and sizing of New Zealand scallops (Pecten novaezelandiae)
Speedy scallops 2 16:10 16:20 Deborah Hart Long-term Changes in Growth and Meat Yield in U.S. Sea Scallop Populations
Close 16:20 16:30

Friday 26th April: Fisheries Industry Day

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Speaker Start End Title
Session 1 Future of scallop fisheries
Bryce Stewart 9:00 9:20 Casting into the future of scallop fisheries
Everyone 9:20 9:30 Discussion
Session 2 Industry and management perspective on Scallop fisheries (UK/IOM)
David Beard 9:30 9:40 Isle of Man industry vision ( & co-management)
Andrew Brown 9:40 9:50 Macduff (UK) vision for the future (UK Fishing Company)
Jack Emmerson 9:50 10:00 Regulator’s perspective of scallop fishery management
Annabel Stockwin 10:00 10:10 Next steps for Scallop Fisheries Management Plan (FMP)
Mairi Fenton 10:10 10:20 Management approach ‘clustering’
Everyone 10:20 10:40 Discussion – Panel
Everyone 10:40 11:10 Coffee break
Session 3 Environmental impacts and harvesting innovations
Mairi Fenton 11:10 11:20 Strategies for Mitigating Seabed Impact
Dagny-Elise Anastassiou 11:20 11:30 Scallop Remote Harvesting
Rob Enever 11:30 11:40 Scallop Potting Trials
Everyone 11:40 12:10 Discussion – Panel
Everyone 12:10 13:10 Lunch
Session 4 Lessons from Global scallop fisheries
Mario Lasta 13:10 13:20 Patagonian scallop fishery (Argentina)
Eric Foucher 13:20 13:30 Baie de Seine scallop fishery (France)
Jonathon Peros TBC TBC USA Sea Scallop: boom- bust
Everyone 13:30 13:50 Discussion – Panel
Session 5 Industry research for scallop fisheries
Andrew Brown 13:50 14:00 Scallop Shucking at Sea
David Beard 14:00 14:10 Industry Research Isle of Man – surveys, excess scallop scheme
Everyone 14:10 14:30 Discussion – Panel
Everyone 14:30 14:45 Coffee break
Session 6 Scallops and windfarms
Kevin Stokesbury 14:45 14:55 Scallops and windfarms
TBC 14:55 15:10
Panel Discussion sessions for each theme
Everyone 15:10 15:40 Discussion – Panel
Chairs 15:40 16:00 Round up and Summary of key points/issues

Saturday 27th April (1/2 Day): Fisheries, Gear and Survey Developments, Other Wild Harvest Methods


Item Start End Speaker Title
Welcome 09:30 09:40    
Fisheries Session 3:        
Talk 1 09:40 10:00 James Williams Dive, dredge and camera surveys and assessment of New Zealand scallops (Pecten novaezelandiae)
Talk 2 10:00 10:20 Adam Delargy A comparison of survey designs for marine benthic invertebrate sampling
Talk 3 10:20 10:40 Amber Lisi Investigating recent improvements to the SMAST Atlantic Sea Scallop, Placopecten magellanicus, drop camera survey.
Talk 4 10:40 11:00 Sally Roman Modifications to a Scallop Dredge Twine Top to Reduce Flatfish Catch
Coffee 11:00 11:20    
Talk 5 11:20 11:40 Bryce Stewart Marine protected areas: Can they really provide benefits for both conservation and scallop fisheries?
Talk 6 11:40 12:00 Ellen Sofie Grefsrud Diver-Based Fishery of the Scallop Pecten Maximus in Norway
Talk 7 12:00 12:20 Phoebe E. Jekielek eDNA: Dragging a New Dredge for Sea Scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) Fisheries Monitoring
Talk 8 12:20 12:40 Craig A. Lego Small-scale spatial dynamics of sea stars, Asterias spp., and Atlantic sea scallops, Placopecten magellanicus, in the Nantucket Lightship area
Talk 9 12:40 13:00 Esteban Fernando Felix-Pico Fluctuations in Pacific Calico Scallop (Argopecten ventricosus) and other small-scale fisheries associated with mangrove areas in the Magdalena Bay, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Lunch 13:00      

Monday 29th April: Biology, Environment and Aquaculture

Item Start End Speaker Title
Welcome 09:30 09:40
Bio, Eco & Genetics  Session 1:
Talk 1 09:40 10:00 Karin B. Lohrmann Is Francisella halioticida to blame for mortalities of adult scallops (Argopecten purpuratus) in Tongoy Bay, Chile?
Talk 2 10:00 10:20 Eline Le Moan Linking life traits and Dynamic Energy Budget parameters to better understand domoic acid contamination in five pectinid species
Talk 3 10:20 10:40 Kaitlyn R. Kowaleski Extreme Population Densities Impact Reproductive Effort and Oocyte Development in Atlantic Sea Scallops
Talk 4 10:40 11:00 Ivan Župan Seasonal variations of condition, gonad somatic and adductor muscle indices of the Mediterranean scallop Pecten jacobaeus L. from the Adriatic Sea (Croatia)
Coffee 11:00 11:20
Talk 5 11:20 11:40 Carl Huntsberger Is growth slower or is it us?
Growth estimates and their implications from a tagging study in Penobscot Bay Maine, USA
Talk 6 11:40 12:00 Maya Harries Annual growth marks within the calcareous plate of Aequipecten opercularis
Talk 7 12:00 12:20 Sandra E. Shumway An Estimate of Carbon Storage Capabilities of Wild and Cultured Shellfish in the Northwest Atlantic and their Potential Inclusion in a Carbon Economy.
Lunch 12:20 13:20
Bio, Eco & Genetics  Session 2:
Talk 8 13:20 13:40 Halle Berger Assessing Vulnerability of the U.S. Atlantic Sea Scallop to Ocean Acidification and Warming: A Dynamic Energy Budget Modeling Approach
Talk9 13:40 14:00 Deborah R Hart Collapse of Mid-Atlantic Bight Sea Scallop (Placopecten magellenicus) Populations Due to Warming Temperatures
Talk 10 14:00 14:20 Katherine McFarland Cross-Generational Effects of Ocean Acidification on a Third Generation of Bay Scallops
Coffee 14:20 14:40
Talk 11 14:40 15:00 Ellen Sofie Grefsrud Scallop (Pecten maximus) Moving Northward
Talk 12 15:00 15:20 Roger Mann Moving Baselines: Managing Scallop Fisheries in a Period of Climate Change
Talk 13 15:20 15:40 Halle Berger Dynamic Pathway to Transition from Vulnerable to Resilient Fisheries Social-Ecological Systems: A Transdisciplinary Case Study of the U.S. Atlantic Sea Scallop
Speedy Scallops
SS 1 15:40 15:50 Deborah R Hart Long-term Changes in Growth and Meat Yield in U.S. Sea Scallop Populations
SS 2 15:50 16:00 Gyda Christophersen Alive, dead or in-between – how to deal with future welfare demands?
Close 16:00 16:10

Tuesday 30th April: Biology, Environment and Aquaculture

Item Start End Speaker Title
Welcome 09:30 09:40
Ranching and Aquaculture: Session 1:
Talk 1 09:40 10:00 Phoebe E. Jekielek A Comparative Study of Sea Scallop (Placopecten magellenicus) energy investment strategies in farmed and wild environments
Talk 2 10:00 10:20 M. Luz Pérez-Parallé The fall in the production of scallops in Spain
Talk 3 10:20 10:40 Ellen Sofie Grefsrud Scallop (Pecten maximus) Sea Ranching in Norway – Lessons Learned
Coffee 10:40 11:00
IPW Future 11:00 11:20 All
Next meeting 11:20 11:40 All
Workshop Wrap Up 11:40 12:00