Preliminary Session Titles

Please submit abstracts for oral papers, or poster submissions based on the following themes;



Fisheries Topics related to scallop fisheries, management, gear, sustainability etc.
Stock Assessment and Modelling Fishery surveys, recruitment, methodologies and modelling.
Stock,  Management and Space Spatial management, closed areas, rotational management, enhancement.
Aquaculture Culture techniques, hatchery, larval and nutrition
Ranching and Diving Bottom culture, enhancement, alternative harvest techniques
Biology and Physiology General scallop biology.
Genetics, Reproduction and Biochemistry Specialist physiological topics and applications.
Diseases, Toxins, Parasites & Pollution Phycotoxins, harmful algae, diseases, pollutants (metals, organochemicals etc.), parasites.
Scallops and Environment Ecological considerations, indicator species, species interactions, blue carbon, climate change.
Scallop Products and Markets Value adding, new products, market logistics, transport, marketing.
Scallops in Society Any relevant topic related to scallops in society, science, art, culture.
Speedy Scallops

Daily, last 20 minutes of Session.

4 minutes, 2 slides, 1 question’ on any relevant topic.

Scallop Fishing Industry Session Industry-directed session with opportunities for discussion between scientists, managers and industry members.